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audi service centre
audi service centre
audi service centre
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Price Comparison Chart

Car Brand & Model
  • i10 (P)
  • WagonR (P)
  • Swift (P)
  • City (P)

Authorized Service
Center Price
  • ₹ 3498
  • ₹ 3499
  • ₹ 3799
  • ₹ 5799

Local Mechanic price
  • ₹ 2699
  • ₹ 2699
  • ₹ 2899
  • ₹ 3999

Jai Prakash Automobiles Price
  • ₹ 2100
  • ₹ 2200
  • ₹ 2400
  • ₹ 3599

Frequently Asked Questions

1. A car garage does which kind of services ?

A:- A car garage provides mechanical & car bodywork repairs. A car garage is a one-stop solution for all automotive repairs. Most people just search car garage near me and go for the repair like car paint, car denting, car wash & polish, Tire replacement & engine repair.

2. Do you serve vehicles which are not in Working condition ?

A:- Yes, we either repair the bikes that are not in working condition or we help the owner to sell it off.

3. Why Jai Prakash Automobiles is the best car garage In Kolkata?

A:- Jai Prakash Automobiles provide Multi brands (premium & normal) cars repairing services with FREE Inspection.

4. Why do I have to go to the garage regularly?

A:- You have to go to a Garage regularly for your vehicle inspection & keep your vehicle safe, maintain your vehicle, and keep it in the best condition. This will help reduce costs by helping to maintain key components for a longer period of time.

5. What kind of accessories i find in the garage near me?

A:- Many car spare parts and accessories are sold in the garage. They will be able to sell you new tires if you need to, top up your windshields fluid or engine oil, replace important engine parts, lights, etc. Depending on the garage, they may also have a range of gadgets and accessories on sale to enhance your vehicle.

Audi Service Center in Kolkata

Audi Service Center in Kolkata will give you service in Audi repair, Audi service, Audi mirror repair, Audi glass repair. The Audi Service Center in Kolkata will also help you find out your technical or non-technical questions about Audi cars.

As a manufacturer-approved after-sales provider for Audi, we specialize in following the manufacturer's exact standards and using only the original parts during any maintenance or service! Just search for ' Audi Car Service In Kolkata' or ' Audi Car Service Center In Kolkata' and we'll offer you the best services for your Audi Car at your doorsteps.

We constantly invest in cutting-edge technology, specialized equipment, and tools at each of our sites; We provide Audi training for all our advisors and technicians. Our expert mechanics have many years of experience in Audi car servicing all models like the Audi Q3, Audi A3, and Audi A6, Q7, A4, AudiS5, R8, Q5. So, if you own any of the above-mentioned models, don't waste your time please come to Jai Prakash Automobiles.

We are able to provide a wide range of services, including MOT, vehicle service and mechanical repair, accident repair, and a wide range of vehicle parts and vehicle accessories.Call us to book your car service at one of our workshops:

Audi Cars service here

Audi service & repair in Kolkata
Audi Car service & repair in Kolkata
Audi Sedan service & repair in Kolkata
Audi Coupes service & repair in Kolkata
Audi crossover service & repair in Kolkata
Audi wagons service & repair in Kolkata
Audi Convertibles service & repair in Kolkata
Audi Battery service & repair in Kolkata
Audi Future vehicles service & repair in Kolkata
Audi cracked glass service & repair in Kolkata
Audi oil change service & repair in Kolkata
Audi a4 maintenance schedule in Kolkata
Audi transmission problems in Kolkata
Audi a7 oil change in Kolkata
Audi Music System service & repair in Kolkata
Audi Tyre service & repair in Kolkata
Audi monthly Service in Kolkata
Audi vehicle inspection in Kolkata
Audi car brakes service & repair in Kolkata
Audi car window repair & Service in Kolkata

How do I know when my Audi is due for servicing?

The service interval will be displayed when the next service is provided for your Audi. A service reminder will be sent from Premium Automobiles according to the communication channel of your choice.

There are 2 service interval display levels:

1. Inspection or oil change reminder: After a certain mileage, a service reminder instrument will appear on the cluster display each time the ignition is turned on / off. The distance or the rest of the time will be shown briefly.

2. Inspection or oil change due: When your Audi is in arrears for an inspection, oil change, or both, the corresponding reminder inspection arrears! due to an oil change! or Oil change and inspection due! will appear briefly after you switch the ignition on/off. Search Audi Service Center in Kolkata find your nearest best Audi Service Center in Kolkata

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