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Price Comparison Chart

Car Brand & Model
  • i10 (P)
  • WagonR (P)
  • Swift (P)
  • City (P)

Authorized Service
Center Price
  • ₹ 3498
  • ₹ 3499
  • ₹ 3799
  • ₹ 5799

Local Mechanic price
  • ₹ 2699
  • ₹ 2699
  • ₹ 2899
  • ₹ 3999

Jai Prakash Automobiles Price
  • ₹ 2100
  • ₹ 2200
  • ₹ 2400
  • ₹ 3599

Frequently Asked Questions

1. A car garage does which kind of services ?

A:- A car garage provides mechanical & car bodywork repairs. A car garage is a one-stop solution for all automotive repairs. Most people just search car garage near me and go for the repair like car paint, car denting, car wash & polish, Tire replacement & engine repair.

2. Do you serve vehicles which are not in Working condition ?

A:- Yes, we either repair the bikes that are not in working condition or we help the owner to sell it off.

3. Why Jai Prakash Automobiles is the best car garage In Kolkata?

A:- Jai Prakash Automobiles provide Multi brands (premium & normal) cars repairing services with FREE Inspection.

4. Why do I have to go to the garage regularly?

A:- You have to go to a Garage regularly for your vehicle inspection & keep your vehicle safe, maintain your vehicle, and keep it in the best condition. This will help reduce costs by helping to maintain key components for a longer period of time.

5. What kind of accessories i find in the garage near me?

A:- Many car spare parts and accessories are sold in the garage. They will be able to sell you new tires if you need to, top up your windshields fluid or engine oil, replace important engine parts, lights, etc. Depending on the garage, they may also have a range of gadgets and accessories on sale to enhance your vehicle.

Car Wash Services

There are some reasons why heavy vehicles can drive for hours on end, polluted dusty highways, muddy roads in the rainy season, or just a hurricane, and why and how a car can be dusty and dirty. We are talking not only about the exterior but also about the interior of the car. Vehicles are chaotic and easy to fill with debris. A complete car wash can be worth it, especially when done by professionals.

No one wants to see their car in bad condition. Therefore, searching for "best car wash" or "car wash near my current location" will save you some more time and help you find the best car wash service nearby - Jai Prakash Automobiles. Just type "car wash near me" in the browser and find best car servicing center in Kolkata. You can also search "Car cleaning near me" to find a good workshop for your car services!

The Services You Can Trust:
Every aspect of the car washing process at Jai Prakash Automobiles garages is carefully planned to give a clean, shiny, dry car. We offer a wide range of car wash services ranging from basic car wash to car interior and exterior cleaning.

The chemicals we use have a specific purpose in order to deliver the best possible results to our customers. The goal is to provide the best car wash services around the type of water used at different stages of the washing process. The goal is to keep the exterior and interior of the vehicle healthy, clean, and free of stains, remove unwanted layers of scratches and dust and restore the paintwork, making it look almost brand new.

What does a Car Wash include?
Car wash charges near me depending on the type of car wash. Car Washing typically includes washing, waxing, external detailing, vacuuming and deep cleaning, and interior detailing. These may include headlight restoration, exterior paint polishing, waxing, carpet shampooing, and deep engine cleaning.

With increasing dust every day in India, your car's upholstery is prone to get up. A good car wash by experts is very important to keep the interior of your car in good condition. Also, clean windows and side mirrors ensure greater safety on the road.

Having your car cleaned by the experts at Jai Prakash Automobiles car will help you avoid allergies and other problems associated with it.

A thorough car wash is not cheap, but proper service can get your car back to the mint. So look for "car wash near me charges" or " Car wash near me offer" and avail of our best deals offered. If you want to spend more and benefit from excellent services, we also provide car touch-up, paint sealant, engine wash, and AC system cleaning. So, what are you waiting for? Book your service now!

It is important to keep your car clean and free of dents and dust and hence a scheduled car wash. It gives your car efficiency and makes it faster, faster, and smoother. However, a car wash can be tricky and should be done by experienced and mode. Jai Prakash Automobiles provides you quality at affordable prices and hence it becomes convenient for you to approach safety. We have also come up with various methods for you to wash your car near your current location. Water cleaning, dry cleaning, and many other types. You can find more car wash details in "car wash near me now" in the browser.

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