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Price Comparison Chart

Car Brand & Model
  • i10 (P)
  • WagonR (P)
  • Swift (P)
  • City (P)

Authorized Service
Center Price
  • ₹ 3498
  • ₹ 3499
  • ₹ 3799
  • ₹ 5799

Local Mechanic price
  • ₹ 2699
  • ₹ 2699
  • ₹ 2899
  • ₹ 3999

Jai Prakash Automobiles Price
  • ₹ 2100
  • ₹ 2200
  • ₹ 2400
  • ₹ 3599

Frequently Asked Questions

1. A car garage does which kind of services ?

A:- A car garage provides mechanical & car bodywork repairs. A car garage is a one-stop solution for all automotive repairs. Most people just search car garage near me and go for the repair like car paint, car denting, car wash & polish, Tire replacement & engine repair.

2. Do you serve vehicles which are not in Working condition ?

A:- Yes, we either repair the bikes that are not in working condition or we help the owner to sell it off.

3. Why Jai Prakash Automobiles is the best car garage In Kolkata?

A:- Jai Prakash Automobiles provide Multi brands (premium & normal) cars repairing services with FREE Inspection.

4. Why do I have to go to the garage regularly?

A:- You have to go to a Garage regularly for your vehicle inspection & keep your vehicle safe, maintain your vehicle, and keep it in the best condition. This will help reduce costs by helping to maintain key components for a longer period of time.

5. What kind of accessories i find in the garage near me?

A:- Many car spare parts and accessories are sold in the garage. They will be able to sell you new tires if you need to, top up your windshields fluid or engine oil, replace important engine parts, lights, etc. Depending on the garage, they may also have a range of gadgets and accessories on sale to enhance your vehicle.

Volkswagen Service Center Near By

Looking for a Volkswagen Service Center Near Me? Car service is a maintenance test that is performed at regular intervals (at least every year) or after a car has traveled a certain number of miles. For regular maintenance of your Volkswagen vehicle, you may not always have time to visit the service center. There is a solution! Just search for 'Volkswagen Service Center Near Me' or 'Volkswagen Repair Near Me' to find the best one for servicing almost every Volkswagen Car. Tiguan, Passat, Ameo, Polo, and Vento.

Jai Prakash Automobiles provides small to major services to an entire fleet, providing customer satisfaction and thus becoming the top choice for car services. Basic services at Jai Prakash Automobiles Center include aging parts and fluid replacement as well as a visual inspection to check key components that are still working properly.

There are 3 different types of car services: intermediate, complete service, and major. The team of experts explains to you the services that include intermediate, major, and complete services. Each service includes some basic things as well as some extras that are needed at different stages of your vehicle. The type of service you need depends on how many miles you complete in a year and the service you have done before.

Interim Car Service
An intermediate vehicle service is an entry-stage package sometimes called a 'bronze' or 'basic' service. It is designed for high-mileage drivers - those covering 20,000 km or more a year - who may require more than one annual service.

Typically, an interim car service involves changing the oil, changing the oil filter, and inspecting key components of the vehicle such as lights, tyres, and windscreen wipers.

Other important additions to the interim service package include smoothing of all moving parts, engine top-up, brakes, and in-depth inspection for any fluid and any fluid leaks.

Full car service
Full car service also called an 'intermediate' or 'silver' service, is usually recommended every 12 months. It is ideal for drivers who get low annual mileage who service their car once a year.

This includes checks made during interim service and a wide range of service replacement parts. Below is a list of tasks that are usually done, but not strictly:

⦁ Air Filter Replacement Fuel Filter(Diesel)/Spark Plug Replacement(Petrol)
⦁ Comprehensive Brake Inspection.
⦁ Well, Bearings and Shock Absorber Inspection.
⦁ Equipment Inspection. (Battery, Alternator, and Starter Motor) Tested.
⦁ Air Conditioning System Inspection.
⦁ Assistant and Cooling Hose Check.
⦁ Main/Major car service.

Major service may also refer to as the 'Gold' or 'Master' services & is recommended every 24,000 km or 24 months. If your last annual service was full service, there should be a larger service in front of your car.

It is the most comprehensive service package available that includes everything from full service and addition, parts that are recommended to be replaced every two years - including brake fluid and cabin filters - are replaced. Over time, the brake fluid can become contaminated, making the brakes less effective, so it takes longer to stop the car which can have serious consequences on the road. Similarly, the cabin filter will be filled with dust and debris; Changing this will improve the air quality in the cabin. Search the best 'Volkswagen Service Center Near Me' or 'Volkswagen service center In Kolkata" for your Volkswagen car servicing.

Thus, the regular service of your Volkswagen Car at the nearby Jai Prakash Automobiles workshop is advantageous in terms of saving time and money. Also, your car is serviced by specialists, which is always necessary.

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